Pressure Sensor Withstands Corrosive Environments

Measurement Specialties’ 154 Series, which includes media isolated, piezoresistive silicon pressure sensors, has expanded. The 19mm sensors are housed in a 315L stainless steel package and are available Read more ›
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Bimba's New IntelliSense Technology Provides Predictive Intelligence for Pneumatics

Alan Hitchcox

IntelliSense combines sensors, cylinders, and software to deliver real-time performance data, enhancing productivity Read more ›

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Modular Mechatronic System

The ACOPOSmotor combines a servo motor and drive with additional safety technologies that can be integrated.

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Metamaterials: Driving Performance in New Directions

Metamaterials get their amazing mechanical, electromagnetic, and acoustic properties from carefully controlled microstructures rather than from chemistry alone.

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High Performance Sensor Data with Rotary Interfaces

Sponsored by Moog Components

Collecting data with high performance sensors, converting this data to digital data streams and transmitting the data from rotating platforms Read more ›
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Recycling Used Tires Into Battery Electrodes

Carbon black recycled from used car and truck tires could lead to better anodes for lithium-ion batteries if researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory are successful.

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SpinSat Satellite Demonstrates Novel Thrusters

Engineers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory have built a beach-ball sized satellite they call SpinSat that will begin carrying out several duties soon after it is flown to the International Space Station Read more ›
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Two Exotic Carbon Molecules Combine Into a Rectifier

Engineers at Stanford University combined two unconventional forms of carbon—buckminsterfullerene (also known as buckyballs) and diamondoids—and came up with a small electrical component: a Read more ›
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3D Printing Reshapes Engineering’s Future: A Look Inside the Maker Movement

The rise of 3D printing is becoming more than just a trend, and with the maker movement fostering its success, it will only help bolster the future of the engineering industry as a whole.

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XML and its Weight Problem

John Rinaldi

Due to its weight and price, JSON offers an alternative to XML when transporting data.

XML has been touted as Read more ›
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