High-Rise Chips Avoid Conventional IC Limitations

An engineering team at Stanford University has devised a way to improve computer chips by making them taller.

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3D Printing Builds Custom Track Shoes

Engineers and shoe designers at New Balance Athletic Shoes Inc. are using 3D printing to make shoes for elite runners (professionals and Olympians) in hopes of improving their performance.

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Electric Simulation Table Features 8 Degrees of Freedom


For use in fluid tank tests, Moog has released an 8 DOF (Degrees of Freedom) Electric Simulation table, which features a 2 DOF tilt table for capturing events Read more ›
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Large Radial Piston Pump Designed for Open-Circuit Systems


The latest in Moog’s RKP series, the RKP 250 is the company’s largest radial piston pump for industrial applications.

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What’s the Difference Between Gauge, Absolute, Differential, and Sealed Pressure?

Engineering Staff, Turk Inc.

A concise primer on pressure and units used to measure it.

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Posted in Engineering Essentials, Hydraulics, Pneumatics

Humanoid Atlas Robot Recreates Scene from "The Karate Kid"

Boston Dynamics and IHMC engineers showcased some impressive control algorithms and had some fun programming their humanoid ATLAS robot to recreate various poses whilst balanced on a stack of cinder blocks, Read more ›
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Ford Unveils 500 hp Shelby GT350 Mustang

Ford announced the return of an iconic American muscle car when they unveiled the new Shelby GT350 Mustang. Like the 1960’s original, it has been tuned for the street as well as the racetrack, and Read more ›
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Summit Next-Generation Supercomputer

Supercomputers like Summit, the one ORNL will get in 2017, let researchers address challenging problems, such as recreating shear-wave perturbations inside the Earth due to seismic activity. It will have Read more ›
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Orion Mockup Wired for Data During Splashdown Tests

NASA’s first test flight and splashdown of an Orion space capsule went well, thanks to three years of testing and simulated splashdowns of a realistic mockup in the agency’s Hydro Impact Basin Read more ›
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Taking Advantage of the Benefits of Liquid Silicone Rubber

Sponsored by Proto Labs

What is Liquid Silicone Rubber? Why use this material in your application? What are some application examples? Are there any drawbacks to Read more ›
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