Edge-Processing Machine Gets Good Controls

Elisabeth Eitel

Axis Robotics Inc. does consulting and short-run manufacturing for semiconductor equipment. Recently, it built an edge-processing machine that operates Read more ›
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Bearing selection for low-speed applications

Sponsored by Kaydon

Low-speed applications present challenges for designers who must specify bearings, just as high-speed applications do. A new white paper from Read more ›
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Getting the Most from Your Bearings

Sponsored by Schaeffler

Which materials work best for bearings that will be used in harsh environments? How do engineers choose the right lubrication? How can bearing Read more ›
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Applying Metal Bellows in Ultrahigh Vacuums

Steve Oliphant, Servometer, Cedar Grove, N.J.

Metal bellows can handle harsh environments that other components can’t. That Read more ›

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The Do's and Don'ts of Seal Engineering

Larry Castleman, Martin Franz, John McLaughlin, and Mark Sitko, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Here’s a look Read more ›

Posted in Hydraulics

Autonomous UAVs Now Travel in Packs

Sarah Mangiola, Associate Content Producer

GTRI is currently testing three UAVs working autonomously together.

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Supersized Calender Uses Multiple, Stacked Drives

Iliza Sokol, Associate Content Producer

Upgrading the production size of a calender used to rubberize conveyor belts necessitated a multi-drive, stacked configuration.

<a href="http://machinedesign.com/mechanical-drives/supersized-calender-uses-multiple-stacked-drives" Read more ›

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Replacing Linear Encoders with Magnetostrictive Technology

Sponsored by MTS Sensors

Linear encoders are used in numerous applications to provide feedback for motion control. There are numerous technologies for producing Read more ›
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UPDATE: igus’ “iglide on tour” rolls into North America

The igus iglide on tour car has hit the shores of North America.

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Essentials of Test-Bed Design: Compensating for Impact in Fighter-Jet Refueling

The Navy wanted a better way to test fighter jets’ aerial refueling components, because old setups didn’t accurately simulate the impact between a jet’s probe and the refueling drogue. Read more ›
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