Bilateral Amputee Masters Function of Two Neuroprosthetic Arms

DARPA Revolutionizing Prosthetics Program: Understand how the groundbreaking funded Neuroprostheses was designed and how it functions.

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Stainless-Steel Pressure Sensors Handle up to 6000 psi

The P8211, P8271, and P8281 series of pressure sensors are designed for measurements in gas, vapor, liquid, and dust. Developed by Minco, the sensors can be set to measure gauge or absolute pressures in Read more ›

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Guide Simplifies EMI/RFI Shielding Product Selection

To help its customers find products with characteristics that best match their EMI/RFI shielding applications, Tech-Etch now offers a comparative Shielding Product Guide. The guide is downloadable as an Read more ›

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Auto-In Soundly Holds Coin Batteries

The “Auto-In” is a 22-mm coin-cell battery holder for securing common 2023 and 2025 lithium coin batteries in high-density applications. The holders are rugged in vibrational and high shock Read more ›

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For an Energy Source, Look to the Sea

Global companies and a number of countries are harnessing tides and waves for a new, renewable energy source.

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Nanotubes Keep Drone Wings Ice-Free

Engineers at Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio, have tested their HeatCoat, a device for keeping ice off the wings and control surfaces of drones. It consists of a carbon-nanotube coating that Read more ›

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Advantages of Using Pneumatic Systems for Automation

Sponsored by Aventics

What role does Pneumatics technology play in today’s factory automation? What are optimal applications of pneumatic systems?

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New Nanosphere Material May Overcome Limits of Lithium Ions

A research team at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N.Y., has developed a new material—cobalt-oxide meoporous nanospheres—that could overcome two of the major limitations of lithium-ion Read more ›
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Backscatter Diffraction Uncovers Removed Serial Numbers

Crooks trying to hide their crimes or identities by filing the telltale serial numbers and markings from firearms, cars, or bullet casings could soon have a new forensic technique to worry about: backscatter Read more ›

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New Flow Battery Could Back-Up Local Grids, Power Cars and Trains

A new zinc-polyiodide redox flow battery developed at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has nearly the energy density of lithium-ion batteries, and is inherently fire safe.

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