Plethora of Options Enriches Drive Customization

Maxon Motor allows engineers to customize their own Maxon DC drive by providing a variety of options for motors, gears, and encoders.

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Posted in Mechanical Drives, Motion Control

The Fundamentals of Ball Screws

Jonathan Kasberg, Nook Industries

Proper ball-screw selection involves a number of design and application considerations.

Posted in Basics of Design, Fasteners

Trust but Verify: the Value of Acceptance Testing

Sponsored by Kaydon

Acceptance testing helps designers choose the right bearings for applications with narrow performance windows. Since the engineering data in bearing Read more ›
Posted in Bearings, White Papers

Lighter Fasteners and Adhesives Boost Aircraft Efficiency

Many of the latest industry trends for fasteners and adhesives used to mount together planes focus on shedding the weight.

Many of the latest industry trends for Read more ›
Posted in Adhesives, Fasteners

Medical Prototyping and Low-volume Manufacturing

Sponsored by Proto Labs

What should I look for in a prototyping or low-volume manufacturer? How do you determine if a company in streamlined for quick-turn production? Read more ›
Posted in 3D Printing, Design FAQs, Medical

Reduce Regulatory Delays by Formalizing Design Control Processes

Sponsored by Arena Solutions

The medical device industry stands at the crossroads between innovation and increased regulation. The lack of formal Design History Files Read more ›
Posted in Medical

Ask the Experts: 3D Printing Tips and Techniques

Robox CEO Chris Elsworthy offers his insights on how to get the most out of 3D printing.

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Posted in 3D Printing, Engineering Essentials

Smart Tools Connecting with Wireless Networks at Home and the Assembly Line

Wireless and Bluetooth networks allow work tools to connect to mobile devices and computers, providing a faster and more efficient assembly process.

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Posted in IoT, Products, Sensors

Take Immediate Action: Stephen Hawking to Answer AI Questions on Reddit

If you had the chance to ask one of the most influential theoretical physicists about the future of artificial intelligence, what would you ask?

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Posted in Embedded, News

Solar-Power Battery Continues Charging Without Sunlight

This new solar battery may be the key to continuous power, even when there are breaks in sunlight.

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Posted in Batteries/Power Supplies, Energy, News, Sustainable Engineering

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