Additive Manufacturing 101

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What is Additive Manufacturing? What is Polyjet? What is Selective Laser Sintering? What is Direct Metal Laser Sintering? What is Fused Deposition Read more ›
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Sensor Fish Measures Stress on Migrating Fish

A new generation of “sensor fish” provides data that should help fish safely swim through hydroelectric plants.

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Turning a Smartphone into a Microscope

Download and Print Your Own Microscope

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The Softer Side of Exoskeletons

Can a pair of pants help soldiers lift more and walk farther?

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Small-diameter cartridge heaters

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What is the basic design of a cartridge heater? When are small-diameter cartridge heaters called for? How much heat can these small heaters deliver?

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When Wire Feedthroughs Make Sense

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Engineers who work with pressure and vacuum chambers usually reach for off-the-shelf sealed bulkhead connectors when they Read more ›
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Sealed Sensor Assembly Gets A Reliability Boost

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Traditionally hermetically sealed wire feedthroughs are the best way to incorporate sensors and sensing electronics into a pressure Read more ›
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ISO STEP File Lets CAD Programs Share Smart Files

Computer experts at the National Institute of Standards (NIST) are working on a way to let 3D models include product and manufacturing data that will be readable by all CAD system.

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Ironless and Iron-Core Brushless Linear Motors


A new line of standard and customizable brushless linear motors, also called AC servo linear motors, features long stationary magnet assemblies and short moving Read more ›
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MIGHTI Sensor Getting Ready for Launch

Research into weather changes of upper atmospheres to help increase the stability of long wave radio communications

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