Neutron diffraction uncovers largest single gold crystal

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Light makes oxide magnetic, for a while

Exposing a piece of strontium titanate (SrTiO3) to circularly polarized light makes it magnetic, and the magnetism lasts several hours before tapering off.

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Basics of Ball Screw Linear Actuators

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One of the most commonly used linear actuators is the ball screw. It can be found in packaging and office equipment, factories for making Read more ›
Posted in Basics of Design, Linear Motion

Hydraulic Cylinders Get an Upgrade

Cleveland-based Parker Hannifin Corp. recently announced three engineering enhancements to its hydraulic cylinders that should lengthen operating life, lower costs, cut weight, and enhance overall performance Read more ›
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Rotary Unions

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What is a rotary union? Where are they used? Do they have only a single inlet and outlet? What are some important factors when selecting a rotary Read more ›
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3D printer review: Afinia H-Series makes great parts, despite software

Machine Design engineers recently tested a desktop 3D printer, the Afinia H-Series. We found that its software interface is unintuitive, but that the printer makes quality plastic parts.

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When Flexible Cable Doesn’t Flex for Long

It’s easy to get confused by terms thrown around for cables meant to last a long time on moving, automated machinery.

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Posted in Cables, Connectors, Enclosures

An Off-Roading Helicopter Takes Off

The Black Knight Transformer, an off-road vehicle that can take-off and fly like a helicopter, successfully completed initial flight tests, according to its developer, Advanced Tactics Inc., El Segundo, Read more ›

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Eliminate Lubrication, Vibration and Noise From Your Gearing

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Of all the technologies driving advances in medical imaging, motion components may not seem all that important. Yet gears, rollers and

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Powercore Bearings Reduce Noise & Stop Sliding Door Failures

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Sliding door rollers tend to be minor component in the context of expensive architectural, industrial, transportation, and medical systems, so

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