“Oops, I Dropped the Warhead!” (On Purpose)

The Defense Dept. drop tested its latest nuclear warhead, the W88 ALT 370, the follow-up to the W88.

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3D Printed Inverter Could Kickstart Electric Cars

Engineers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have combined 3D printing and a wide-bandgap version of silicon carbide to come up with a lightweight, compact 30-kW traction-drive inverter.

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Fighting Friction with a Nanolayer of Graphene

Researchers at the Argonne National Laboratory have developed a method of bonding a uniform layer of graphene only one atom-thick directly to steel.

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Adaptive Optics Lets Soldiers Zoom in on Targets

The scope, called the “rapid adaptive zoom for assault rifles” (Razar), lets soldiers shift magnification without taking their hands off the rifle or eyes off the target, a problem with the Read more ›
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Oil-Shear Clutch-Brake Lets Lacrosse Stick Swing Realistically

Shear-oil clutch brake lets lacrosse stick swing realistically.

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Pneumatic Linear Slides

Sponsored by Fabco-Air

What is a pneumatic linear slide? How does a machine builder decide which model best suits an application? How about load capacity?

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SourceESB: The Pipeline to Supplier Intelligence

Christina Cavano, Director of SourceESB

Finding reliable suppliers and good sources of quality components is a constant concern for design engineers, according to Read more ›
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Rugged SBC Integrates Intel i7 Quad-Core Processor


The C163 from Aitech Defense Systems is a rugged 6U VME SBC based on the 4th generation Intel Core i7 quad-core (Haswell) processor family.

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Screw Drive Survival and Actuator Life

Igor Glikin, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Tolomatic Inc.

A host of factors influence how long a screw actuator will operate properly. Read more ›

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How to Specify and Apply Precision Gearboxes with Servosystems

Pat Phillips, Product Manager, and Chip McDaniel, Technical Marketing, at AutomationDirect

A servosystem and gearbox can provide precise Read more ›

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