Oak Ridge Lab Moves to Acquire Summit, a Next-Generation Supercomputer

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory will have a new supercomputer to work with in 2017 when IBM delivers Summit, a hybrid CPU/GPU computer.

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Where Do Companies Find Engineering Talent?

Our panel of industry leaders discusses where and how they find technical employees.

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“Inventor” of Fake Bomb Detector Headed to Jail, Finally

See how far people will go to believe a charlatan.

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GE Bringing Good Things—And the Internet of Things—To Life

GE believes they have a massive opportunity to take a leadership role in a new paradigm in all sorts of manufacturing industries.

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Electronic “Sniffer” Searches Out Nuclear Devices

Engineers at Sandia National Laboratory have built a mobile imager of neutrons for emergency responders (MINER).

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Cleaning Up Coal Emissions with Electron Beams

Scientists at the Naval Research Laboratory are exploring the use of electron beam to reduce the amount of nitric acid and nitrogen dioxide (NOx) emitted by coal-burning power plants.

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Microneedles Accurately Deliver Drugs to the Eye

Biomedical researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have devised two new applications for using microneedles 400 to 700 microns long to help fight eye diseases.

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How to Improve a Sensor Node with Bluetooth

Dave Richkas

Adding Bluetooth to a sensor node can make it more useful and more user friendly.

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Dual-Shielded Flat Cables Protect against EMI

Engineers at Cicoil encased dual-shielded conducting pairs inside a flat cable housing for better protection against EMI/RF than that provided by shielded round cables and other types of flat shielded Read more ›
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DCX Motors and GPX Gearboxes Come in Expanded Sizes


maxon motor’s latest addition to the maxon X drive family includes several long versions of brushed DC motors.

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