An Off-Roading Helicopter Takes Off

The Black Knight Transformer, an off-road vehicle that can take-off and fly like a helicopter, successfully completed initial flight tests, according to its developer, Advanced Tactics Inc., El Segundo, Read more ›

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Eliminate Lubrication, Vibration and Noise From Your Gearing

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Of all the technologies driving advances in medical imaging, motion components may not seem all that important. Yet gears, rollers and

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Powercore Bearings Reduce Noise & Stop Sliding Door Failures

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Sliding door rollers tend to be minor component in the context of expensive architectural, industrial, transportation, and medical systems, so

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Learn How To Stop Cam Wear On High Speed Machines

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High-speed production machines often have one or more cam-driven motion systems. And when those cams wear prematurely, downtime and maintenance

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Single-axis drive/controller

THE ACS stepper drive/controller for electric actuators comes in both servo and stepper control technologies. With built-in configurations for electric actuators, linear motion is easily created in the Read more ›

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Bellows grippers

The DHEB Series bellows grippers safely and gently handle fragile workpieces for electronic and light-assembly applications. They expand in diameter when actuated by an integral pneumatically driven piston Read more ›

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Self-lubricating rod-end bearings

THE WN 648 self-lubricating rod-end bearings, now available in inch sizes, are for control and link mechanisms in all types of machines. These RoHS-compliant bearings are designed for high-load, low-speed Read more ›

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Direct-drive radial-piston motor

The Hydre-Mac direct-drive radial-piston motor handles variable-speed applications. The low-speed, high-torque motor, featuring a cam-lobe design, employs a MacTaggart Scott heavy-duty motor design. The Read more ›

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Miniature contactors

The CWC Series of miniature contactors, for switching and controlling motors, take up less space inside electrical enclosures while still offering 15 hp @ 460 V.

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Precision encoders provide the path to perfect surfaces

Martin Seichter and Helmut Kügel, Heidenhain Corp.

Manufacturing parts with near-flawless surface finishes demands encoders with extremely small positioning Read more ›
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